our aim

The Insurance Families Network is a newly formed volunteer led network consisting of members from across the London Insurance Market.

We have one overall aim: to make the insurance industry as family friendly as possible allowing all those with family and caring responsibilities to reach their full career potential, achieve a happy, healthy and productive work and family life and feel truly included.

2019 will be the first full year for the Insurance Families Network. The theme for the year will “Establish”.

We aim to establish our presence as a cross market network of influence and credibility within our membership base as well as the wider London insurance market community.

Each event, initiative and activity will be one of our stated areas of interest for 2019 and will aim to raise awareness and shape the insurance industry policy, behavior and culture in these areas, whilst continuing to help grow our membership base and sphere of influence.


The Modern Family

We want to raise awareness of the complexity of the modern family, dispelling myths, connecting people and organisations, and shaping policy to support all working families whatever their make-up.


We want to increase awareness and action providing guidance to organisations on the policies and support that will help support their working carers.


We want to raise awareness of the various types of conflict and difficulties families face, for example, domestic abuse, bullying, social media usage, family breakdown, and their impact on families and their working lives and what organisations can do to support their staff in these areas.